Life and Times of Mr. Nigel

Hello, my name is Nigel. I am a dashing young lad from the Westhighlands. I'm only four months, but my maturity level is probably that of a 50 year old.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Old Kentucky Home

I spent this past weekend at my newly discovered country home with Aunt Lacy. Lacy isn't that much older then me but by appropriate definition she is my aunt. The R&R included exploring both the front and back yards and repositioning ourselves on the front porch and then the back porch and then the front porch again. Lacy enjoys pool water as where I am partial to filtered or bottled water so no fun for me there. I did spent a lot of time seeing how far away from the house I could wander before Eric and Kat would freak out and frantically call my name. All in all a fairly relaxing weekend.

Barbaro across the board

Kat was pretty happy with the results of the derby. All I got was this button. I had my money on a Superfecta that included Sinister Minister. I usually pick my horses by name and color of jockey uniforms.